Last update: 03 February 2020

1. Object of Sale.

When ordering any goods on our website, the Customer enters a purchase/sale agreement with Interkul Krystyna Kulwikowska, ul. Marusarzówny 2/16 , 84-300 Lębork, Polish Tax Id numbers: NIP 841-125-58-52 and REGON: 365641503, hereinafter referred to as the Seller. Customer accepts the following Terms and Conditions.

Seller agrees to provide true and accurate descriptions of all goods sold on their website. Goods sold on may be used or new. All goods are technically functional. Used goods may bear visual traces of reasonable use.

The Seller shall include a sample photo of the item in the product description. In most cases, the Customer shall receive a different item than the one shown in the photo.

The Seller undertakes to not send goods with hidden defects. However, the Seller is not responsible for any hidden defects that Seller is unaware of.

To order any item available at, the Customer should read the entire product description. Then they should add the item(s) to their basket. All Customers are asked to provide their name, surname, correct shipping address, current phone number, email address and password to his account. This password will be set up after the Customer places their order. The Customer shall choose the shipping method and pay for the order.

2. Payments.

Once a Customer places an order, they are obligated to pay for the order. The Seller demands advanced payment. No goods will be shipped until payment in full has been received. There is no “Cash on Delivery” payment option. The Customer must pay for the goods and the shipping costs at the time they place their order.

The prices given in the item descriptions are gross prices and include 23% VAT.

The Customer has a choice of several payment options including Credit Card, Paypal or Bitcoin.

Upon request, the Customer can receive a VAT invoice, which will be delivered to the email address provided by the Customer. The VAT invoice will be sent in PDF format. The VAT invoice will be delivered to the customer within fourteen (14) business days after full payment of their order has been made. In any case, the VAT will be sent to the Customer no later than the 10th day of the following month.

If the Customer does not make full payment for their order within seven (7) from the date the order was placed, the Seller will cancel the order.

3. Delivery

When placing an order, the Customer may choose from one of several delivery options. These delivery options include: Polish Post letter, Global Express, Polish Post Economic Parcel or Polish Post Priority Parcel.

Price list and details of delivery options are available at

The Seller undertakes to secure all parcels in the best possible manner so that they reach the Customer in the best possible intact condition.

The Seller undertakes to send all orders within five (5) business days from the date on which the Customer made full payment for their order(s).

Parcels not collected by the Customer, or which are returned to the Seller for any reason, can be re-shipped to the Customer once the Customer pays a new delivery charge.

The Seller shall determine whether a parcel has been delivered based on the courier company’s delivery confirmation method. The courier company is Polish Post.

If Customer suspects that a delivered parcel has been damaged during transport, he should take photos of the parcel before opening it. Customer must report this fact to both the Seller and the courier company.

4. Product returns

Only private individuals may exercise the right to withdraw from a contract with Seller. This option is not available to companies purchasing goods that require a VAT invoice.

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract up to fifteen (15) business days from the moment they receive their ordered item(s). This is typically determined based on the moment of delivery of the item as confirmed by the courier company. The Seller can confirm the delivery date via the the shipment monitoring system provided by the selected courier company.

The Customer must inform the Seller about their withdrawal from the agreement in an electronic form at Customer must attach the completed return form and send to Seller right away. This form is available for download at or

The Customer must send back the returned item(s) within the fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery. Return shipment is to be at the Customer’s own expense. All returns are to be shipped to the following address: Interkul Krystyna Kulwikowska, ul. Marusarzówny 2/16, 84-300 Lębork, Poland.

The Customer is responsible for any reduced value of all returned goods resulting from their improper use.

5. Complaint.

The Customer has the right to lodge a complaint about the goods under the implied warranty. If a Customer should notice a defect in the goods purchases, they must send the defective goods to the following address: Interkul Krystyna Kulwikowska, ul. Marusarzówny 2/16, 84-300 Lębork, Poland.

If the Seller accepts the complaint, the Customer will be sent a replacement item(s). If Seller is unable to provide Customer with a suitable replacement item, Seller will refund, to the Customer, any monies paid for the product or shipment thereof. If the complaint is rejected, i.e. if Seller determines that the goods have been destroyed or damaged by the Customer, the Customer is not entitled to a refund or a replacement item(s).

If the goods returned under the cover of a complaint are fully functional, the Seller shall treat such a return as a withdrawal from the contract by the Customer.

The Seller is obliged to respond to any Customer complaint within fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery of the claimed goods by the Customer.

6. Privacy Policy.

The Customer fully accepts the Seller's Privacy Policy, the full content of which can be found on

7. Changes to the Terms and Conditions.

The Seller reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. The Customer will be informed about any planned change(s) to the Terms and Conditions seven (7) days in advance, via e-mail. The email will be sent to the address provided for the creation of the Customer's account. If the Customer does not accept the new Terms and Conditions, he is obliged to stop using and placing orders on the website.